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Our mission is to provide the highest level of personalized care and treatment to each client who enters our facility. Our staff demonstrates empathy and compassion while working with clients in a direct, respectful and honest manner.

At Blue River Rehab Centers we are dedicated to transforming the perception of addiction and behavioral health disorders by bringing dignity and respect to the lives, families and communities we serve.  

To do this, we believe in providing the highest quality of compassionate, comprehensive, evidence-based healthcare and social services; education of the public concerning maintenance of healthy lifestyles; and cutting-edge behavioral, biomedical and healthcare services research.

We provide a therapeutic community where a safe and serene environment creates an atmosphere conducive to recovery and change. Simply put, we believe that recovery is possible for everyone, and we aim to convey that message in everyday practice.

Our staff understands that the recovery process does not happen overnight; rather, it comes with time and a willingness to start a new way of life. Our alcohol and drug rehab programs offer clients a complete continuum of care from the initial stage of detoxification to the eventual return to the community.

By employing a variety of approaches to addiction treatment, we have the ability to tailor our treatment to each individual. Our programs are designed to help identify addiction triggers, as well as work with each individual on developing effective coping skills. Through the customization of our programs, we are able to help individuals identify the steps they need to take to recover – one step at a time.





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